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Pregnancy Resource Center East is a Christian ministry whose mission is to uphold life by demonstrating the love of Christ to women and teens facing unexpected pregnancies.  Spiritual, physical, and emotional support is provided in addition to post abortion counseling.  We encourage our community to recognize the sanctity of all human life and adopt a Godly view of sexuality through abstinence education.

Mission Statement:


Pregnancy Resource Center East is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, staffed by part-time paid staff and by volunteers. We rely completely on donations, both financial and material, for support. All gifts are tax deductible. Please visit the page titled “Get Involved" on this website for more information.

We are affiliated with Care Net, a nation-wide organization dedicated to establishing pregnancy resource centers throughout the country. Care Net is the most ambitious effort to create the most accessible and effective abortion alternative ministry ever known in North America. Care Net serves over 450 pregnancy centers.

With our affiliation through Care Net,

our practices and standards are as follow:

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