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Sanctity of Human Life

What is SOHL?



"The Sanctity of Human Life is observed on the 3rd Sunday in January each year.   This coincides with the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that decided that there is a constitutionally-protected status of abortion in America.


We take time in our churches to recognize the deep value of human life.  God tells us in the Bible that we are created and purposed from our mother’s womb.  We are called to be voices and advocates for all life,  and especially for those who cannot speak for themselves.


When we choose to see people as God does, we are moved to love others in a way that honors our Creator.  Being pro-life is a worldview – a life view – that should transcend culture, class, race, age and opinion.  From the formation of a child’s first tiny cell, to life’s final breath, all life has inherent dignity and value."

[From Focus on the Family website.  Feel free to download any of their free materials and videos to share]


At the Pregnancy Resource Center East in Baytown, TX, we recognize the value of life and are here to help women who find themselves in need during a pregnancy.    We offer a pregnancy test, ultrasound, prenatal, parenting and Bible-study classes, and help with material assistance throughout the pregnancy and until the baby’s first birthday.


Please join us in observing the Sanctity of Human Life this year. 


Would you like one of our speakers to come to your church?

Please call Maegan at 281-427-2273.


God bless you!



Abortion Statistics Worldwide

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The 'Sanctity of Life' Ethic 

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What the Bible Says about the Beginning of Life

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Way of Life: Sanctity of Life

(downloadable: 3.5 min)

Additional Videos

Every Child is a Story yet to be told

   * about our center (17 min)

The Bigger Mission by Nancy Lange

   * What PRCE is about (1.5 min)

Time & Treasure by Nancy Lange

   * Appeal for PRCE (45 sec)

Hope Program at the Center

   * (2.26 min)

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