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Initial Assessment


Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances, so we can't elaborate on every single person who comes in, but we have a simple definition of where a woman starts so that we can help her the best that we can. These definitions are set out by CareNet.

The ABORTION-MINDED woman is one who appears to be planning or intending to obtain an abortion and meets ONE OR MORE of the following criteria:


  1. She is seeking information as to how to obtain an abortion.

  2. She has an abortion scheduled, regardless of how tentative she seems.

  3. The abortion procedure has been initiated, as in the introduction of laminaria.

The ABORTION-VULNERABLE woman is one who, by continuing her pregnancy, faces obstacles that she may feel incapable of handling or unwilling to experience. She MEETS ONE OR MORE of the following criteria:


  1. Has not eliminated the possibility of abortion.

  2. Is being pressured to have or consider an abortion.

  3. Is undecided. This may be expressed verbally or marked on the intake form.

  4. Is against abortion, however the pregnant woman has a medical condition she thinks may affect the pregnancy.

  5. Does not meet all the criteria for "Likely to Carry to Term", or any of the criteria for "Abortion-Minded". 

A LIKELY TO CARRY TO TERM client does not meet criteria for abortion-minded or abortion-vulnerable and meets ALL of the following criteria:


  1. The client has stated that she has made a decision to carry to term.

  2. The client has indicated that she believes abortion to be morally wrong.

  3. The client has no apparent medical condition that will affect her pregnancy.

  4. The client has support from all significant influences (partner, parents, close friends, others).

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