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Front Office Assistant

Job Description



Front Office Assistant position is a vital link between clients, donors, and the ministry at Pregnancy Resource Center East. This person serves as a gateway for all weekday activity and is usually the one most responsible for creating a positive and inviting impression of PRCE and its ministry. Additionally, the Front Office Assistant  represents an important administrative resource for the staff and works at the virtual nerve center of our organization where the first level of general information about the center, its ministries, staff and other useful resources is disseminated.

The Front Office Assistant  will report to the Center Director  for all aspects of the job, and will provide administrative support to the Client Advocates and administrative staff, as directed.

The Front Office Assistant  may occasionally supervise part-time, temporary and project oriented staff/volunteers that assist with stated tasks and goals assigned by or through the Center or Executive Director.

The Front Office Assistant will be responsible for:

Reception Desk functions including:
1. Warmly welcoming and assisting visitors, guests and people-in-need who enter PRCE;
2. Acting as the communication liaison with the volunteers, staff, and various directors along with entry of vendors, and delivery people
3. Monitoring staff and volunteer presence and availability
4. Quickly evaluating how best to respond to and/or serve our guests, then following through in a professional and Christ-like manner, enlisting the help of other staff and volunteers, when necessary
5. Answering, screening, and forwarding all incoming calls for the staff
6. Providing up-to-date general information pertaining to our ministry, services, appointments, special events, partner for ministry, and other PRCE programs
Administrative assistance functions including: Sorting and distributing incoming mail and carrier deliveries
10. Providing assistance with proofreading, bulk mailings, and other special projects for the administrative staff
11. Reviewing and posting notices on the PRCE bulletin boards and lobby area and responding to general information inquiries received through our website and phone messages
12. Maintaining a supply of updated brochures and information at the front desk
13. Maintaining the lost and found basket
14. Occasionally serving as the contact person for PRCE at group events and activities
15. Performing other duties as directed by the Center Director


1. Must be punctual and reliable.

2. Willingness to serve Christ and His church
3. Maturity of character, cultural sensitivity, compassion, discernment, and confidentiality
4. A genuinely warm, caring, and patient attitude
5. A particularly good listener and communicator
6. Attention to detail and accuracy
7. Good organizational skills with the ability to comfortably multi-task
8. Experience and comfort with use of telephone and computer systems and software
9. Exceptional conversational understanding and use of the English language, good grammatical skills, ability to speak English precisely, and understandably in regular conversation
10. Ability focus, and discipline to work with minimal direct supervision
11. Familiarity with PRCE, the nature of its clients, its ethos, guiding principles and doctrines
12. Self-starter, internally motivated, good intuitive skills

1. Good emotional intelligence (including the ability to perceive the needs of others)
2. Gifted evangelist
3. Willingness to pray with others as is appropriate
4. Fluent in more than one language (Spanish)

1. Candidates must agree with Pregnancy Resource Center statement of faith
2. Selected candidate will be expected to be actively involved in a Christian church become vitally involved and participate in the general life and ministry of PRCE and become increasingly familiar with all operations

3. Involvement in other ministry tasks and interests will be encouraged as time and job responsibilities allow
4. Participation in regular staff meetings and personal development activities
5. A good faith commitment to serve at least 2 years in this position, if hired (barring any unforeseen or extenuating personal or family circumstances)

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