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Hope Program Coordinator 

Job Description


Hope Coordinator Job Description & Position Summary


The Hope Coordinator will be the leader of the earn while you learn program, the Hope Program at Pregnancy Resource Center East. The Hope Coordinator will be in charge of enrolling clients in the program, engaging with students, overseeing class topics and materials, and coordinating program facilitators and maintaining the programs integrity. Moreover, the Hope Coordinator is responsible for the growth and education of the center’s clients, mothers and fathers, who need Godly parenting direction. Reports to: Executive Director



  • Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Exhibit a strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of all human life.

  • Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith, Principle and Commitment to Confidentiality.

  • Must be self-motivated and directed.

  • Must be organized and well structured.

  • Possess patience and persistence.

  • Handle conflict with grace and a positive attitude.

  • Enjoy people and interaction with many different types of groups and individuals.

  • Develop creative and innovative ideas. Be able to train, supervise and motivate program volunteers (i.e. Childcare Facilitators, Hope Program Coordinator Assistant, Program Facilitators etc.)

  • Possess computer and technical skills to complete needed tasks such as, ability to use Word, PowerPoint, Excel, use a copier, email, fax, text message etc.



  • Recruit, supervise, mentor, train and manage all Hope Program facilitators, volunteers, and Hope Store Manager.

  • Enroll clients in the program, engage with students before, during, and after class time, and remain in contact with students regarding their pregnancy, needed resources, course work, prayer requests, etc.

  • Build and maintain online Hope Program courses, interact and grade online client course work.

  • Complete paperwork to begin and maintain Hope Program student status and CPS parenting class completion requirements.

  • Prepare, update, and provide booklet/ packet of center and outside resources for pregnant and parenting students.

  • Organize and implement classroom presentations.

  • Coordinate and implement special speakers from outside groups, colleges, programs, and other opportunities that can be made available (i.e. continuing education, life skills, financial strategies, etc.)

  • Manage, maintain, and update course materials as necessary.

  • Update webmaster with current Hope Program information to maintain program website.

  • Implement and monitor marketing and advertising plans for the Hope Program at the center and on social media etc.

  • Keep student statistics and make reports to Executive Director and Center Director.

  • Produce a monthly report of Hope Program department for staff meetings.

  • Build and maintain relationships with facilitators, staff, and organizations/ outside resources.

  • Network with other earn while you learn program coordinators in the area and oversight organizations (ex: Care Net) to keep updated.

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